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Birthdate:Aug 8
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
Vyedma is Russian meaning "to see" and later became to the witch in the back woods who saw the future. Over the course of my travels I've been many places and hope that this journal will serve to let me remember some of those places. I am a Wiccan Initiate in the Floating Spiral tradition. I was a cerimonialist for while but made a better Chaos Mage. I'm still a bit of a Thelamite at heart. I've walked down the road of the fluffy bunny witch and the dark side where all that is whole and good fear to tread and currently am trying to find the path between the two. I feel much loved by Saule, Morpheus and Hecate.

I aspire to understand love.
I'm an astrologer.
I desire to know the universe.
I'm queer in more ways then any word can represent.
I love my kitty cat.

Quotes to live by:

Who but the shadow knows the true power of the light?

Do as thou will is the whole of the law.

The way that can be shown is not the true way.

Nothing is true, therefore anything is possible.

The heaven of a cat burgler is filled with easily climbed porches.

"expressing the gland" - a new term for masturbation
"Anesthetize the Leprechaun"

Currently fighting the battle of the buldge.

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